PHEE: Giving Dead Sea Grass New Life

On Greek beaches, dead sea grass that washes up on the shore poses a problem to the local municipalities. Although seaweed is fun for throwing at your mates, it’s not so appealing for sunbathing on, and a trip to the beach takes a slimy turn when you find yourself wading through mountains of the stuff. So, it needs to be cleaned up, costing the government money and time and requiring space for burial.

Harry Ninios and Stavros Tsompanidis have come up with an innovative solution; they collect the dead leaves and use them as the raw material for products, both benefiting the local municipalities and keeping production costs low.

Natural, renewable products

The sea grass, called Posidonia Oceanica, is treated and transformed into ‘Eco-Panels’ using an innovative manufacturing process developed by Harry and Stavros. Made with non-toxic and natural adhesive, the panels are 100% biodegradable and are being used to create sunglasses and iPhone cases. The products will be available to buy soon – you can watch them being made in the video below.

A move away from plastic

Can manufacturing phone cases inspire the change in the design world that the two students hope for? Driven by the desire to make everyday products more sustainable and renewable, PHEE’s fundamental philosophy is that combining innovative design and science is the key to a more sustainable future.

‘Mermaid tears’ is the name given to the small pellets that plastic degrades into. It is all-too-often found in the sea, on beaches and in the stomachs of animals, causing a hugely negative impact of plastic on the environment. As the first company to use sea grass as a replacement for plastic, PHEE aims to set a new standard in the field of sustainable manufacturing that will invigorate the movement towards renewable everyday products – because who are we to make mermaids cry?

About the Author:

Emma PatmoreEmma Patmore recently graduated from the University of Strathclyde, with a degree in Psychology and Marketing. A passion for travel inspired her to leave Scotland and move to Berlin, where she teaches English while working on various projects. She hopes to use her marketing knowledge to support social projects and enterprises to succeed.

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