Sep 13, 16

Belu Drinking Water – the most ethical bottled mineral water

Belu totes being „the most ethical bottled mineral water available.“ With partnerships with WaterAid, Belu is certainly living up to the standards they have set.

Nov 19, 15

Rapanui Clothing: A Source of Environmental Inspiration Sewn into its Corporate DNA

Rapanui Clothing, founded by Rob and Mart Drake-Night in 2009, turns these concerns into action by introducing a business model

Nov 11, 15

East Side Compost Pedallers

By combining a love of the environment with an appreciation for Dutch cycling culture-, the Austin, Texas-based East Side Compost Pedallers is leading the way for those who want to be more connected to their environment and community. They are simply helping connect people who create a resource to others who need it.

Nov 06, 15

HandUp – Giving a Hand to the Homeless

HandUP is a San Francisco based startup that enables donors to give directly to an individual affected by homelessness.

Okt 19, 15

PHEE: Giving Dead Sea Grass New Life

On Greek beaches, dead sea grass that washes up on the shore poses a problem to the local municipalities. Although seaweed is fun for throwing at your mates, it’s not so appealing for sunbathing on, and a trip to the beach takes a slimy turn when you find yourself wading through mountains of the stuff. So, it needs to be cleaned up, costing the government money and time and requiring space for burial.

Okt 01, 15

Community Shop – Rescuing Food and People in Need

Community Shop, a social supermarket in the UK, has been open for nearly a year and has consistently demonstrated its ability to empower community members, reduce food waste and measure the impact of its concerted efforts.

Sep 25, 15

Attollo Stickers: Changing the World

Over 85% of a child’s vocabulary comes from the parents. Vocabulary is the heart of language development and language is the foundation of everything in early learning,” explained Attollo founder Bukhari

Sep 08, 15

Totus Power: Recycling Car Batteries to Power Education

Totus Power proposes a solution for this problem: Jupiter 6. Led by its founder, Siva Rajendran, Totus Power refurbishes used electric car batteries that would otherwise be wasted to generate a portable power source named Jupiter 6.

Sep 02, 15

Kytabu – Making Learning Affordable, Accessible, and Fun for Everyone

The impact of education is lessened by more than half for children that cannot afford textbooks. About 74% of students in the Kenyan educational system are unable to buy the mandatory learning material. The 2012 Kenyan social startup Kytabu, Swahili for “book,” uses modern technology to help children in the developing world access textbooks. The startup’s application provides affordable, relevant, and engaging learning content.

Aug 26, 15

GoodWorld – Turning Hashtags into Donations

The emergence of GoodWorld, a Washington DC based startup, reflects a growing need to harness the power of social media to generate social change. The technology enables users to donate directly to a cause without leaving Facebook or Twitter.

Aug 06, 15

Conversant Labs Aims to Improve Visually-impaired Users’ Access to New Technology

The blind and visually impaired community numbers over 285 million people globally, many of whom are disconnected from everyday technology due to archaic or expensive accessibility tools. A new startup, Conversant Labs, is working to change that reality with its new conversational applications called Say Apps.

Aug 05, 15

ASPIRE: Creating a Buzz around Eating Insects

Aspire is a social enterprise that uses the commercialized production of insects to address food insecurity around the world. Rich in protein, iron, and calcium, insects are already eaten by two billion people, 140 million of whom live in urban slums.

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